Nathan “Nate” Vidana

Massage Therapist
Nate is passionate in changing lives through the heals arts of Massage Therapy and Chiropractic care. Nate enjoyes and values family time. He loves pizza and Opera. He truly care for his patients.

Patty Cazares

RN, Office Manager/Co-Owner
Mrs. Cazares is the proud manager of our wonderful team. Pattys earned a bachelor of science in Nursing at Grand Canyon University. Patty oversees operations at RC Chiropractic. She finds great joy in spending time with her family and husband.


Javi enjoys working out and staying fit. He earned a Bachelors of Science at UTEP in Kinesiology.

Javi enjoys advancing his professional knowledge through professional development.


David enjoys spending time with his two children. David continues to find fulfillment as a massage therapist. His experience as a Massage Therapist shows in his 10 years of experience.

David is thoroughly skilled as a clinical therapist.

Sandra E Alvidrez

Administrative Assistant

I have a Bachelor of Science in Business administration and a minor in Marketing. I have grown and learned even more than I thought I could in my current position as an Administrative assistant at RC Chiropractic. Sandra has over 20 years experience as an Administrative assistant. Working at RC Chiropractic has been a very rewarding learning experience. Sandra shares that she has really enjoyed this opportunity to increased her knowledge in the medical environment. One of the main priorities of my position is to take a very detailed description of the patient’s condition / complaint on their visit. Doing this has allowed me to gain an extensive amount of knowledge on on the diagnosis and treatment of neuron-muscular disorders, with an emphasis on treatment through manual adjustment and/or manipulation of the spine. system and on how they both work in conjunction with one another. Through my work I am able to help patients. The feeling in return is an incredible sentiment.